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FB Mayhem Review - FB Mayhem It's Live! Go! Go! Go!

Facebook is a gold mine!

Get your share with FB Mayhem

That is, if you know how to use it correctly.

Most people DON’T.

But Anthony La Rocca does, and he’s written up a quick lesson that I’m going to share with you right now on how to quickly start “bringing in the dough” on Facebook without money or experience. (He used this technique to bring in $943.72 with only ONE HOUR’s worth of work!)

You don’t have to spend a dime, and this strategy is actually really cool too! All you need is a bit of marketing knowledge, which he’s about to give you.

Here’s what Anthony has to say:

Hey guys, Anthony La Rocca here.

Just thought I’d throw together this quick lesson on how to quickly start making money on Facebook.

It may sound like something you’ve heard at first, but I can assure you it’s NOT. Just read it all the way through to see why.

Here’s what you do:

STEP #1: Join Facebook groups for incredibly addictive and/or popular niches like reality tv shows, sports teams, etc. Something that people really have an emotional attachment to. Make sure the groups you join are active. (Groups where nobody is participating won’t get any views, and therefore you won’t make any money.)

STEP #2: Contact that group’s admin and offer to partner up with them on a promotion to that group. Explain to them how this works to get them on board. (See the next steps for details.)

*This next step is where we stray from the “normal” path of finding a group owner and trying to convince them to promote some kind of affiliate offer to their group that you’ve never even seen before. My strategy is MUCH cooler.*

STEP #3: Have the group admin run a poll to find out what charity the group would like to donate money to if a custom t-shirt were offered to the members.

STEP #4: Go to and set up a campaign there. You’ll be designing a t-shirt (don’t worry, it’s SUPER easy) to sell to the Facebook group from the last step. Teespring allows you to design your own t-shirts, set the price you want to sell them at, and also set what they call a “tipping point.” People can pre-order any amount of shirts they want and if the tipping point is not reached the campaign doesn’t happen, no money changes hands, and no t-shirts get printed. It’s like for t-shirts! If you DO reach the tipping point, the shirts are printed, people’s credit cards are charged, the shirts are shipped, and you get paid! Don’t set the tipping point so high that it can never be reached, but set it high enough to where it’ll be worth your time for it to go through. I always set the campaign to run for 7 days. (NOTE: The t-shirts should be based on the group’s interest. Ex: If it’s a Green Bay Packers group, offer a Green Bay Packers t-shirt.)

STEP #5: Once a favorite charity has been established within the group and the t-shirts have been designed, have the group admin run the campaign! All this means is have him or her write a post about it in the group and include the link to your campaign (which you get from Teespring.) Group members are able to view the shirt design online and pre-order as many t-shirts as they want. If the “tipping point” that you set is hit during the 7 day campaign (if that many or more shirts are pre-sold), when the campaign is over the shirts are printed and shipped… and you make money!

STEP #6: You keep 50% of the profits and send the other 50% to the group admin through PayPal. The group admin then donates a percentage of his or her earnings to the charity the group decided on (the amount that gets donated is up to the admin and his or her group members), and then uploads a picture of the receipt to the group’s wall to show that the good deed was done. (The admin will have told the group that “a percentage of the money raised will go towards [the charity].” That way they can still keep a bit if they want.)

That’s it!

Fun Fact: By uploading a picture of the receipt from the charity donation to the group’s wall, future campaigns will be received with open arms because people are happy that they helped a worthy cause!

I personally used this method just the other day and banked $943.72 in under an hour’s worth of actual work. Although the campaign took 7 days to run, I only had to design the t-shirt and email back and forth with the group admin, which took about an hour of total time over those 7 days. How awesome is that!

By the way, I’ve found that about 8-10% of the active members of a group actually buy, so if the group has 1000 active members, you can expect to sell 80-100 shirts. Keep in mind that the number of active members is going to lower than the number of total members in a group, so set your tipping point accordingly.

Plus, there are hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of groups on Facebook, so imagine how many times you can do this. The earnings potential is endless… and that’s just ONE of the ways I make money on Facebook.

There’s much more great money-making info in my new course, Facebook Mayhem.

Don’t miss it!

I hope you enjoyed that lesson. Now go use it to make money!

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